Why would a DAO need a Legal Wrapper?

Manage assets

Manage assets

Hold, manage, and protect off-chain assets, such as fiat funds, intellectual property, trademarks, domain names, etc.

Transact with third parties

Transact with third parties

Interact with third parties and engage in real-world operations, for example, hire developers, rent servers, pay for services and subscriptions, give grants, and conclude agreements

Protect DAO

Protect DAO

Protect the DAO, its members, and multisig wallet controllers against liability and legal exposure

DAObox offers a truly decentralised experience.

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How does this work?

Our service is unique to the crypto industry. Being experienced blockchain lawyers and top managers, we will not only set up a legal vehicle for your DAO but will also take up management positions, for example, act as director. The ultimate control over the entity remains with the DAO, whereby the decisions adopted by the vote of the DAO are binding and recognised by the legal wrapper. This allows the DAO to always have the final say on the most important matters and stay in the position to direct us, as managers, on what to do. The DAO would also have the power to change the management at any time. Check our FAQ below to find out more.

What exactly are 
the responsibilities of DAObox?

  • Corporate actions
  • Maintenance of business
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Bank accounts and fiat payments
  • Paperwork, including review and execution of contracts
  • Managing accounts with service providers
  • Business correspondense
And more

Your decentralisation will not be questioned


We respect your decentralisation and recognise that any decision on setting up a legal wrapper and funding its operations has to be taken by the vote of your DAO. With this in mind, at DAObox, we have developed the procedure for setting up legal wrappers for DAOs in the most coherent and efficient manner. We will help you navigate your way and will take over all the legal issues.

Who we are


Behind DAObox stands a team of professionals from AURUM Law Firm. Our experts serve as advisors and legal counsels to numerous blockchain companies, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocols, dApp operators, layer 1 blockchain networks, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our team was among the founders of several crypto projects and has helped multiple DAOs to emerge and develop. We serve on the board of directors for top-tier crypto projects and DeFi protocols.

We have a perfect understanding of the industry and the struggles that DAOs face. Be sure that with us, your project is in safe hands.


A legal wrapper is essentially an entity with its own legal identity and personality. Think of the legal wrapper as a company that can acquire its own rights and obligations and has a separate balance sheet, although sometimes a legal wrapper can be structured as a contractual arrangement.

DAO ≠ Legal Wrapper. Legally speaking, a legal wrapper is not the same as a DAO, so it does not replace or absorb a decentralised autonomous organisation that exists on the blockchain.

This means that a DAO continues to operate on-chain, and the legal wrapper only takes charge of operations taking place off the blockchain. This also means that a DAO and multisig wallets retain direct control over smart contracts, the treasury, and any on-chain assets and finance the legal vehicle only as and when needed.


The constitutional documents of a legal wrapper subordinate its governing bodies and management to a DAO and resolutions adopted by on-chain voting, for example, via the Snapshot. Any such resolutions are binding upon a legal wrapper and its managers.

Our actions are limited by the mandate given by a DAO. Furthermore, the constitutional documents limit our authority on the disposition of material assets and intellectual property held by the legal vehicle, entering into certain transactions and performing particular actions – any such acts require the consent of a DAO.

It is true that any DAO needs a legal vehicle to properly structure and manage its assets and operations. But in most cases, neither the founders of the project nor multisig controllers want to hold managerial positions at such legal entities. That’s where DAObox comes in: our specialists found the legal entity and safely manage its operations as long as your DAO wants us to.

DAObox will be reporting to the DAO on the major activities of the legal wrapper and its financial performance on a quarterly basis. Separate reports on the most important issues may be delivered immediately upon the completion of the assignments.

As mentioned above, a legal wrapper is subordinated to a DAO, which allows the DAO members to pass a resolution on replacing DAObox as managers of the legal entity at any time, and the resolution is binding.

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